Why should you invest in a clone app?

What is a clone app?

Taking inspiration and the vision from any website or app theme that is unique and different, and creating your version is usually referred to as a clone app. 

 It’s not exactly replicating the original one as it is, but adding one’s unique features to spawn a new app. 

  Alt tag : UberEats Clone example  

The word clone is used for better understanding for the customers. 

Successful apps are inspired by an app or a copy of another app with unique features for their target niche that might make their offering  eccentric so that other people would like to clone!

A shorter time to plug in and immense scope for personalization makes them a perfect choice for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business with an app. 

Designing an app from scratch takes a lot of time and investment, which is neither practical nor affordable.

Clone app scripts are available for business in most verticals 

Various app development companies have cloned app scripts for UberEats,Ola, Roposo, Swiggy etc. 

They have reestablished it with their new features to create a brand-new app that provides the benefits of the original and added unique benefits of its own. 

Clients can employ developers to add the features to a clone app script and create it in compliance with comprehensive requirements and added integrations. 

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 Is it legal/ legitimate?

The answer is yes, until and unless you don’t breach existing business IPs, copyright, patents, or trademarks. 

Businesses can patent only the process leading to a particular solution, rendering the process of cloning completely legal .

Words like cloning an app cloning by definition are often misunderstood.

 It means that they take ideas from different apps and combine them to create a different app.

 There can be some similarities between the original and your clone solution, but your solution should have new and additional features to differentiate between the two.

Benefits of clone apps

Some of them include::

Customizable and scalable

Clone app scripts accompany open source codes, suggesting that the app is often customized and scaled as per your requirements. 

Quick and easy launch

A readymade clone script saves you time and money

Since the apps are constructed from robust clone scripts, significant obstacles are already taken care of, minimizing the time to create and launch. 

Services usually get your apps approved and uploaded to native platforms without a requirement for frequent license renewals.

 The solution is tested, free of bugs, and authorized to launch on both IOS and Android platforms.

However to stand out , it is essential to create an app with unique features and original content 


Clone apps bypass initial research costs,  UI design costs, since they replicate popular businesses.

The overall cost is much cheaper than building an app from scratch 

Higher probability of success

Since clone scripts are made from only proven businesses that are already successful., the possibility of your app being successful is higher. 

This ensures that there’s a demand for such sorts of apps.

Less effort

The readymade app clones eliminate the need for business planning and market research for your app’s user interface/ design.

Clone apps reduce the necessity for business planning, marketing research, and implementation of interface design. 

With a wide range of clone app scripts available for nearly all popular businesses starting from Uber to AirBnb, there seems to be no shortage of options when it involves picking a web venture to pursue. 

Pick any clone and modify it to offer shape to your unique, customized experience.

Cons of clone apps


This is one of the most common problems faced by customers.

Quality depends entirely on the software development company you employ for your project.

 If the company has no previous experience with a similar project, it could affect the quality of your product. 

Customization costs Extra 

You need to spend extra money on it if you want to configure the software according to your requirements.

In a nutshell

Having explained in detail what a clone app is , benefits and cons of it, an entrepreneur or business enthusiast can use it to set foot in the industry easily and quickly, launch their app within a short period, and reap the benefits of it. 

However if you’re looking for a fully custom mobile app tailored to your business , it would be better to work with an app development company 

Author Bio : Pravin is a content writer at Inoru ,an on-demand app development company. He spends most of his time writing about mobile apps and marketing.