Why Choose India for IT Outsourcing Services

India has always been a hot topic of discussion when it comes to IT outsourcing services like software development, offshore software outsourcing, mobile app development, and many similar software development needs. Providing a plethora of opportunities to multiple businesses, India has always succeeded to catch the eye of a growing enterprise in no time.

Even the top tech giants outsource IT services to India, such as:

  • Microsoft 
  • Google 
  • Ford Motor Company (FMC)
  • American Express (AMEX) 

The prime reason why they tend to prefer India, again and again, is because it has all the required resources to accomplish the demands of the software industry so far.

India dominates the global outsourcing market around 59% of businesses according to a Deloitte survey. Rendering flexible pricing options yet high-quality services in the western world, India is one of the biggest support systems for several numbers of software enterprises. 

(Image source: https://www.backofficepro.com/white-paper/outsourcing-to-india/images/global-destinations.webp)

Statistics on India IT outsourcing:

  • With a growth rate of 10-15% per year, the Indian IT industry is worth more than $150-billion. 
  • As per the report of Statista, the global market for the outsourcing trade has reached $85.6 in 2018, which was $45.6 in 2000.

The number itself is sufficient for us to comprehend how much global marker depends on IT Outsourcing Companies in India for their business success. And the vital reasons that lead these enterprises to India have narrowed down in this post for you, let’s have a look!

  1. Best-in-class Outsourcing Infrastructure

Software outsourcing responsibilities, like customer support, need the latest high-tech methodologies and infrastructure.

And, India is one of the destinations, who has made an enormous improvement in broadband, telecom, power, and other infrastructure for better outcomes.

Also, Indian outsourcing organizations offer quality services at a moderate cost due to the benefit of lower real estate prices compared to other countries. 

  1. Access To Skilled Workforce

While outsourcing from India, you have access to experts with substantial experience in their field. 

Also, in the upcoming years, 40% of India’s workforce is anticipated to magnify their skills to reach the advanced requirements, with the highest number of skilled resources from IT, BPO, and Finance.

India also claims upon being the most experienced workforce in managing critical projects with the utmost ease. And, availability of a skilled workforce at flexible pricing is the icing on the cake for the entrepreneurs.

  1. E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce is one of the fields, where India dominated the market in the past few years. Amazon is one of the biggest pioneer of eCommerce to set up a software development hub in these Indian cities:

  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad 
  • Chennai 

E-commerce companies have over the years concentrated on presenting themselves competitively through outsourcing their customer service. 

And it’s a prime reason, that for the best output they have adapted to the latest technologies and tools. 

  1. Productivity & Better Customer Support

Outsourcing enhances productivity and customer support for your business. These two factors are vital to performance and 100% customer satisfaction for engaging more business with IT Outsourcing Companies in India.

With immense customer support, time zone variations, and excellent command over English also endorsed India to reach the top rank in a short period exceeding all other countries.

  1. Consistent High-Quality Services

Apart from low cost, consistent high-quality services have a huge influence to make India the top outsourcing destinations across the globe, providing several benefits via IT outsourcing; India remains the first choice for outsourcers. 

After choosing India as your outsourcing place for your enterprise, you become eligible to receive the benefits of significant cost savings, optimum quality, and fastest turnaround time. 

So, the final point is:

In decades, top Indian IT outsourcing companies have accommodated external and internal aptitudes to offer the best-in-class services in the world. 

And that proves the fact that outsourcing to India over other countries is one of the best decisions for business success in a short period.