What Is the Best White Label Solution for An Online Examination System?

Administered, scheduled, and collective exams that are directed online getting re-invented now. These days, all the exam managements in the educational institutes and administrations are taking online exams rather than the paper-based exams. Now, among all of these, the white label online examination system also has taken place. For conducting online exams, you must require an appropriate online examination system. It is the reason behind the popularity of white label solutions for online examinations. 

Here we have provided details about white label solutions and their role in an online examination system. We will also guide you with the best white label solution for online exams. 

What is a White Label Solution?

It is known as a service or product that you can rebrand or resell as your own to your clients. This white label product is developed by company X and rebranded or sold by company Y. These services are managed fulfilment services in which a team from company X can accomplish the work for the clients of company Y. All of these services and products appear on the outside of company Y. Still, it is originally offered by company A. Besides that; the white label has a crucial role in the online examination system that has been used for making the online assessment paper-free and simpler for students through an astounding security structure.  

White label online examination system provided by different companies is helpful to run the exam system on your Domain and server. These services also offer white offer mobile app for the online test with the brand details and logo. Particularly, this system is designed for conducting unlimited tests and courses for students.

Online exam app Development

Advantages of White-Label Online Examination System

There are provided so many advantages by adding this rebrand able and resellable services to the online examination system. With the new and different technological innovations, data-driven teaching technique insights, and increasingly globalized world of learning, there are white-label solutions to provide a better perspective for students.

Test Evaluating Effortlessly

Nowadays, almost all online examination platforms include an auto evaluation feature. Featured questions are mostly multiple-choice or false or true. This ordinal assessment makes better assessment precision and also informal for instructors to submit the test with faster and with ease. 

Better Security

Appeared students for the online exam are cross-examined by using validation features included in biometrics. It is helpful to remove the possibility of partiality and increase safety purpose.

Save Money and Time

With the white label online examination system, organizing and conducting online examination system become more efficient and simpler. It leads to saving the time and money of authorities. An exam can be held by sending the question’s link or conveying a request to all the students to take part in exams. 

Cost Cutting

Educational institutes and schools use various items that are made by paper, such as journals and books. By having online exams, there can be reduced the use of paper for printing questions and answers in educational institutes, colleges, and schools.  You can use clone of any popular application to save cost like KhanAcademy Clone, Udemy Clone 

Best Online Examination System Software For Online Exams

Find the list of Online Examination System For Secure And Seamless Online Exams

  • Edunika E-Learning Solution
  • yoctel
  • iExam
  • Eklavvya
  • Testbook
  • Think Exam
  • SpeedExam
  • Virtualx
  • Classmarker
  • Justexam

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Things to Consider While Choosing Best White Label Solutions for An Online Examination System

The first step is about finding the best white-label solution is it should be suitable for all your needs. Also, you can search the internet to find the different options that are available in the development market. Before going for any white-label solution, must consider these following aspects that must be added to an online examination system-

It should be integrated with the live API of Email, SMS, and payment gateway. It should allow integrating with the live webcam for screen recording and student activities during the running examination.

It should show instant results or send all the results to students through the mail. Also, it should give options for screen minimization, multiple screens, screenshots, and other activities at the time of exams on web or app.

It should support multi-language to conduct the test in local language for the students. It should have the latest version of exam software that should be compatible with iOS and Android applications so that students can submit their assessment through the mobile app.

It should have no limitations so that authorities can conduct various tests for students from this software. It will be useful for the practice of various kinds of competitive exams in the country.

This white label online examination system should have the option to operate a different branch from the same administrator. And, it should be entirely secured with the 256-bit encryption SSL certificate along with the auto-capturing live pictures of students. 

The system should be designed in a way that it can conduct unlimited tests and unlimited courses for unlimited users. It should have the option for personalization for the administration.

Closing Thought

In this blog, we have guided with the aspects that are considered while choosing the best white label solution. BR Softech also has been developed a white-label online examination management system to cater to the education administrative and accomplish their needs. Online management system agrees for a suitable and controllable interface for institution management to have an easy transmission of available hard copies and files to the web. For online examination system app development, we will be happy to assist you with our dedicated and knowledgeable team members. Experience the good expertise of our developers for online assessment software using various technologies and trends.