Uber-Like App Development Guide Step-by-Step In 2021

Before, one had to call up the taxi hiring/renting agency to book a cab or bodily exit to look for one on the taxi stand. The amount of time one had to await their taxi to arrive, and the overcharging by using drivers did no longer assist either. Uber took the whole manner online, and it also made taxi-reserving and trip-sharing a lot less complicated, more obvious, and less expensive.

Uber is known globally as a taxing booking app. Uber’s international net sales amounted to USD 14.1 billion in 2019, in keeping with Statista. If you also want to develop an app like Uber Check out and know about the best Uber-like app development. 

If you want to develop an app like uber you don’t want to miss all the features, cost, and development process. 

How Does Uber Work?

Before we jump into the development of an Uber-like app first you need to understand how Uber works. 

Let’s say you want to travel from your house to your office. You will open the Uber app and search for a cab nearby. Then you will request a cab giving all your details like destination, name, and pickup location. While choosing your ride you have to choose your car type and payment option. You can either pay after you reach your destination or before you begin with your ride. Now, the nearest Uber driver will receive your request. They can accept or reject your request but the request will be sent to the other nearest driver. 

The driver will pick you up from your location and will drop you at your destination. Now you can pay using various payment options like cash, card, UPI, or mobile banking. At last, you can feel free to share your valuable reviews of your Uber ride according to your experience. 

Features of Uber

The Uber app is popular because some basic important features give the user a better experience to choose their ride and reach the destination. 


When a new user downloads the app they need to register themselves in the app. They can either register using their mobile number or email account and fill in all the important details like name, mobile number, location, and more. 

Real-Time Location

Users can navigate their rides using the map in real-time. Also, it will let the user track their ride. They can calculate the time taken to reach their destination. 

Payment Option

How will the customer pay for their ride? You need to give your user various payment options like card payment, UPI, net banking, and cash. This will improve user experience and will give them their desired option to make payment for their ride. 

Push Notification

Users will keep receiving notifications via message about their ride status. When the driver accepts the request when the driver reaches the pickup location if the trip is canceled, and when the customer reaches their destination. This will keep the user notified with all the information about their ride. 

Review And Rating

One of the most important features of Uber apps is that their user can rate their experience and also rate their driver. This will help both the user and the Uber company to improve and understand their customers better. In case of any inappropriate behavior of the driver, users can complain and share their reviews. 

How to Develop an App Like Uber Step-by-Step Guide

As you know what features you need to add to your Uber-like app it’s time to understand the process by which you can develop an app like Uber. Check out and know about the best Uber-like app development

Planning and Analysing

Before developing the app you need to make a plan and analyze the market to understand your customer needs. Understand the designing idea of your app. While developing an app remember that you are helping your customers to make it easy. You are solving a problem in the market. 

Development Team

Once you plan and analyze your app development process it’s time to find a development team with whom you can start the app development process. You need to hire a team with multiple skills and experiences. 


When you are done developing your app now you need to test your app to make sure it’s bug-free. Keep testing to find any bug in your app that might affect user experience. Testing is an important part of app development. 


How will you let the audience know about your app if you don’t do the marketing process? To reach out to customers you need to do the marketing. Once your app is ready it’s time to release it on different platforms so users can use your app. Target your audience using marketing campaigns.

Development Cost and Maintenance

You have to keep improving your app so maintaining the app is as important as developing it. Also, you need to set the development cost of your app. Developing an app will cost you some money. Even after you developed your app you need to take care of the maintenance cost of your app. 

Cost Of Development

People are still not sure how much it may cost them to develop an app like Uber? Your development cost varies on various factors. The platform you are choosing, technologies you are using for app development, features and functionalities, cost of designing, cost of the development team, and the maintenance cost. All these can affect your development cost for the app. 

But to give you all a slit idea of the development cost the approx budget that you need to have is around $50,000-$100,000. But this budget can also exceed depending upon the features and more advanced technology you are using. Also, time is equally proportional to money.