Top 8 Personal Security Apps for Females

Every woman wants assurance about her safety if she is at home with family or traveling outside. However, females are still vulnerable to abuse, violence, and other safety hazards. There are lots of rape cases reported by the media resources every day in various countries due to which politicians, police officials, victims, and other prominent people in the society speak and strongly extend their support for taking steps to safeguard the personal security of females.

However, there are some situations when women have to defend on their own against any safety threats. Fortunately, numerous personal safety apps are available these days to help women tackle this issue. This post describes the top eight personal security apps for females.

1.  Life360 Family Locator App

It is a multipurpose app helping a woman and her family members to remain in touch with each other and know their location anytime they wish. This fantastic app allows you to form circles, add people to them, and view their locations on a secret map. So all the time you will be able to keep track of your family members and verify whether they are safe or not.

 You can easily share your location with the concerned people through this app and also send alert messages to them if you feel threatened. You can also chat with your group members, and an additional benefit of this app is to regain your missing or stolen smartphone.

2.  Sprint Family Locator App

This app uses a Sprint mobile number as per the Sprint Family plan. It is also a multipurpose app that helps you to locate your family members on a confidential map in real-time. You will automatically get a text notification if any of your family members are not present at that location where he or she is supposed to be.

An extra utility of this app is also to recover your lost mobile phone. This locator app is available free for a 15 day trial period, and you have to pay $5 per month after that.

3. SirenGPS


This mobile app can be used both on Android and iOS phones. You can call for police, fire, or ambulance just by a touch to the number 911 dial.  You all need is to keep this app open if you feel uneasy about trouble-free access. 

The best use of this app is when you are roaming out of the country and are unfamiliar with the right number to call. Then this app will provide you with the required emergency contact information. 

4.  Kitestring

Kitestring is a fantastic safety app for women that constantly monitors you and automatically sends alert notifications to your friends or relatives if you don’t respond. Once you have this app installed on your mobile, you can navigate the Kitestring site to modify your SOS message and turn on an SMS message transmit that will be sent out in specified intervals of time such as ½ hour, 2 hours, or 5 hours, etc.

 After setting the time intervals, you receive a check-in message, and if you fail to respond to that message within 5 minutes due to any reason, the app will immediately inform your contacts about you.

 5. My SafetiPin 

It is one of the finest female security apps that execute vital functions like dialing specified contact numbers in an emergency and GPS location tracking. It is quite popular in the United States and is available in many languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, etc.

The app suggests locations of secure places to users in the emergency case that are called pinned locations. Each pinned location has a safety score marked that helps a woman in deciding where to go.

 My Safetipin app is available both for iOS and Android platforms.

6.  Women Safety

Usually, personal security apps send instant messages to emergency contact numbers. However, the Women Safety app has an extra feature of sending emails to predefined contact email IDs along with user location and Google Map link.

This security app provides more important information to senders by capturing two images of the user, both from the front and back mobile camera, besides an audio or video clip. Major features of this app are-

  • It is simple to use.
  • App has three buttons to indicate the level of seriousness.

7.  Rescuer

It is an awesome personal security app for females that allows sending several messages to users. It facilitates calling two people immediately so that they can reach the location where a woman feels threatened.

When a female senses some danger, then she has to simply open the app and click the emergency tab. Then the app automatically sends the location of females to five persons who are on the contact list. The app has a voice recognization feature and it also allows adding Facebook companion list. 

 8. CitizenCop 

CitizenCop is an ideal security app for females that is available both for Android and iOS platforms. It is best suitable for reporting an offense quickly to the police. There are situations when a woman does not have enough time to call the rescuers and this app is perfectly designed to handle that.

A single click on the app automatically generates emergency calls and alerts to the cops so that they can reach the specified location soon.

Author bio:
Paru Saxena is a digital marketing strategist at TechIngenious, one of the leading mobile app development companies in India.  He is proficient in content writing and has been writing for the last six years.