Top 5 Online Fantasy Sports clone script

Fantasy games are getting so popular in recent times with the advancement of technology. Fantasy games are considered as a game of skill, where a player can use their talent, expertise and knowledge to play a game. By making a virtual team of the real-life games, the player can earn money based on predictions they have made.

After the massive success of Dream11 fantasy sport, there are many apps similar to dream11 available in the market. According to the performance of a player’s virtual team, their rank is determined. Top-ranked players are awarded cash prizes. 

Based on a survey about fantasy sports gamers in India, it was revealed that nearly 75% of the respondents played fantasy sports one to three times a week. Interestingly, a significant 20 % of the respondents stated that they played fantasy games over five times a week. It was found that a majority of users, at 54%, played the free versions of games and about 11% of the respondents having paid between 101 to 300 Indian rupees. (source)

Best 5 Fantasy Sports Clone Script

It is hard to choose the best fantasy sports app among all. But here are some fascinating fantasy sports clone scripts that will help you choose the best out of the best.

  1. DraftKings

DraftKings is the largest daily fantasy sports in the United States, with 8+ million users. It was the first legal sports betting operator in the US. The reason behind the immense demand in the market is its wide variety of sports, leagues and contests. DraftKings allows users to enter leagues like NHL, PGA, MLB, NFL, NBA. Apart from these leagues, it will enable users to participate in Soccer, Car Racing, Tennis and Mixed Martial Arts. After you sign up and first deposit of $ 20, it gives you $20 as a bonus. The maximum redemption amount is $10 at one time.

  1. FanDuel

FanDuel is the second-largest daily fantasy sports company in the United States with 6+ million users. Like other Fantasy sports, FanDuel does not provide any free matches to play. It also allows you to set up a league with your friends. You need to pay to join the game; however, there are some cheaper deals available. But at the end of the day, you need to pay for it. After you sign up in the app and first deposit $5, they give you $5 as a bonus, and the maximum redemption amount is $10 at a time. 

  1. Dream11

Dream11 clone scripts are one of the most influential fantasy cricket sports scripts in India with a huge fan base of 4+million users. Dream11 was the first fantasy sports company that joined the “Unicorn Club”. After its tremendous success in cricket, Dream11  started other sports like football, Basketball, Kabaddi, and Hockey. A user should be at least 18 years old to participate in it. Users can play matches for free as well as with money. Users are rewarded on the basis of their rank in the game.

  1. SportsHero

SportsHero is another fantasy sports prediction platform. SportsHero is a bit of a new fantasy sports market yet it has a good fan base because of the games and leagues it provides to the users. Currently, it has games like Cricket, Football or soccer. But it plans to announce some new games in its apps like Football, Basketball, Esports, and cycling. Users will be happy to hear that the application is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

  1. KhelChamps

Khelchamps is like a newborn in this fantasy sports world. But it has gained enormous popularity within this little time span. It allows the user to play just one game, which is cricket. Despite that, it is popular among people because of its eye-catching features. Khelchamps provides easy one-step verification and various money deposit options via credit/debit card, net banking, and wallet. Apart from this, if any user has played Khelplayrummy, then the user can directly log in with their mobile no that is registered with Khelplayrummy.

In The End

Fantasy Sports apps have given new dimensions to the sports world. If you are a wannabe, who desires to dive into the world of fantasy sports and also a developer, then it would be the cherry on the cake for you. You can start your own business with fantasy sports software development. Or else you can hire a fantasy sports developer who can help you to develop your own fantasy sports clone scripts with their finest hands. 

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