Top 3 Reasons You Want A Monitoring App In Your Life In 2020 | OgyMogy android monitoring app

It is 2020. We are going through a pandemic, seen hurricane and fire, and many other kinds of mother nature’s warnings. People are stuck in their houses and have not been in public gathering for a while. Sports, entertainment, concerts, religious gathering all are on the pause. Staying home is the new normal and we have to get used to it, as far as old lifestyle and normalities are concerned we are far away from that. New normal is wearing a mask at the grocery store and staying 6ft away from the next customer in the line. Its online classes for the students and zoom meetings for the office workers. It is no vacation or movie night with friends. So in short we have to stay home and have more time with our device and gadgets. This comes with too much obsession with online games and Netflix etc. So in these circumstances, it is necessary to keep in mind that kids and the younger generation especially teens do not get too much dragged into the virtual life of smartphones and online games, etc. There must be a monitoring system that manages the screen time and schedule of the teenagers as well as all the members of the house.

We are in this together and will come out even stronger. Till then take measures to survive this time in the best way possible. So for all the kids and elders locked in the house for the safety and well being here is the one way out. The OgyMogy android monitoring app for keeping eye on all the kids, teenagers, employees, workers, etc.

Want To Get Rid Of Social Media Obsession?

With all the free time on our hands and nowhere to go people are using social media more frequently than ever before. So if you are tired of this obsession don’t worry, OgyMogy has got your back. You can try the OgyMogy spy apps built for social media monitoring like FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, Twitter spy app, Spy on Snapchat, Whatsapp Spy app, Skype spy app, and many more. These spy apps let the user know about all the social media activities of the target person. Users will know who are they in contact with through chat box or voice book etc.

Watch Their Screen:

Whether you are an employer or employee who is dealing with work from a home rule or a mom who is worried about the too much screen time of her child, this feature is for you. OgyMogy offers a screen recording feature that allows the user to watch the screen of the target person at any given time. So make surprise visits to the kid’s screen or employee’s screen to keep an eye on the screen activities of the kids and employees. You can even check the screen activities through short videos and screenshots captured by the screen recording feature of the OgyMogy spy app.

Take Care Of  Mental Health :

With all the bad things happening in the world make sure you are taking good care of the mental health of yourself and the loved ones.OgyMogy allows the user to track the internet history of the target person. So keep an eye on all the search history of the kids and elders and make sure no one is visiting any triggering content. You can even use the web filtering feature to block certain sites as well. Keep an eye on the bookmarked folder as well to know about the frequently visited sites of the target person.

OgyMogy offers features in different deals or packages. Users can select the package of their choice. You can monitor the target person through their cellphone or laptop or tablet.OgyMogy offers different versions for all the users. You can try the android spy app version for smartphone monitoring or can have the Mac or Windows OgyMogy cell phone spy app version for keeping an eye on the laptop or tablet of the target person. Just select the package, get it installed by following simple steps and that’s it. I am sure it will make your 2020 a little relaxing and will help you in so many ways.