8 Proven Tips to make your Mobile Game Successful

Mobile games hold a major share (51%) of the entire gaming industry. Both the App Store and Google Play Store are flooded with millions of mobile games of different categories, including board, card, casual, hyper-casual, role-playing, action, adventure, and multiplayer. In such a scenario, it is not easy for any mobile game to grab the attention of players.

By considering the tips given in this article, you can ensure that your app will not only become a chartbuster on the Play store and App Store but also hook players for hours. Read this article to know eight such tips that experienced mobile game development companies keep in mind while developing entertaining and engaging mobile game apps:

  1. Market research is important

It is important to research the market thoroughly to find out a unique and innovative mobile game development idea. In case, if you don’t find an innovative idea then it is imperative to look for the unique features or added functionalities that you can embed in any mobile game to make it stand apart from the ones that are already there in the market. Once you decide the type of game, identify the key problems users are facing and what features you can provide to overcome those issues.

The market research should also include deciding about your targeted audience, platforms on which you want to release the game, processing and graphics needs of the game, technology stack needed to build the app, and a few other mobile game app development-related things.

  • Don’t ignore the design

UI/UX design is the first thing any user comes across when he/she downloads a mobile game. Therefore, make sure you put all your efforts into creating a stunning and appealing design. If your app design is not engaging and compelling, a user might uninstall the game right after downloading.

No matter if you are building a casual or multiplayer gaming application, make sure it has the right guidelines and tutorials to help the players know the rules. Another thing you need to make sure is the design of the game should work well on all platforms and mobile phones with different screens and resolutions. Verify the graphic don’t pixelate and image quality doesn’t degrade on different devices.

  • Good stories keep your audience engage

A good story acts as the backbone of a mobile game. It keeps your user engaged and also make your game meaningful. Make sure you prepare the right storyline with exciting characters that are bound to deliver an amazing experience to the players. Add factors to maintain curiosity at different levels. Also, provide exciting rewards on completing different levels in the game.

  • Socialization is a must

Social media is one of the easiest ways to drive user engagement. It acts as a marketing agent for your game. Provide social sharing feature and buttons in your mobile game so that users can share their high score, rewards, or even invite friends to play in teams. In short, adding social media elements can create a buzz for your game.

  • Add sound effects

Music and sound effects play an important role in any mobile game application. Don’t forget to add it in your game. You can explore the open-source sound library to choose music for various scenarios in your game. Instead of using the already available ones, you can also create your own music to attract gamers.

  • Testing rigorously

Don’t ever think of launching a game without testing it on all the platforms and devices it is meant for. Testing ensures the flawlessness and sound functionality of a game. It also ensures that it will deliver an excellent user experience to the players. Remember, users hate bugs and crashes. If you have developed the game on your own and have little or no knowledge of testing, then hire freelancers for the same to make it light on your pocket.

  • Invest in marketing and promotion

Don’t forget to market and promote your game among your targeted audience. You cannot expect any mobile game to become an instant hit just because you have integrated all the advanced features, added social media elements, and used top technologies for the development. To start with, you can connect to the social media influencers to promote your game.

  • Choose the right monetization strategy

Opting for a wrong monetization strategy is one for the prime reasons behind the failure of any mobile application. Therefore, it is advised to decide the one beforehand to maximize the ROI for your mobile game. You can make money from your mobile game through in-app advertisements, membership plans, and in-app purchases.

Keep the aforementioned points in mind to not waste your efforts, time, and money, utilized for the mobile game development, go in vain. Also, choose a reliable mobile game development company to ensure to get what you expect from your dream mobile gaming application.

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Final Words

Want to know how to make a mobile game successful? You are in the right place. Here, we have provided eight effective tips that can guarantee to make your mobile game application addictive for your targeted audience. In case, if you are not developing the gaming app on your own and have chosen a mobile game app development company, then make sure they focus on the points given in this article.