Common Social Media Marketing Myths in 2021

Social media is the platform that increases the companies’ revenue in a small period. It provides numerous opportunities to make a business grow. For example, you can access the customer base, numbered in millions to promote your goods and offer services. Today, physical shops and companies are pairing with social media to widen their audience reach. However, some myths come in a way that works as a resistance to a business owner’s mind. Because of these myths, enterprises do not utilize the maximum potential of these platforms and hold them back. Here, in this article, we will try to debunk some common myths and will make you meet with the actuality.

Myth # 1: We Should be on Facebook as Everyone is Here.

You are only making noise if working without a strategy. You will find many people saying, “Dude! You should be on Facebook. It’s no chill without it”, and other gibberish talks. The point is that people are following others instead of asking themselves about the usefulness of the platform. They set up their account on Facebook to show their presence. After some time, they become clueless and have no idea what to do, so they end up posting unnecessary updates. Just because your competitors or friends are on this platform does not make valid sense for you to be here also.

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Myth # 2: You Must be Present on Every Platform.

The idea of showing your presence on every platform is not relevant. People often mistake this and create an account on every other social site. You cannot get good for your brand from everywhere. A robust plan and vigorous strategy are what make the impact. It is more thoughtful if you stick with two or three platforms to manage everything more effectively than jumbling up all accounts at once.

Myth # 3: Do Not Consider Negative Feedback.

The feedback a brand receives from its customers on social channels is highly beneficial for the business. But you must understand that negative reviews and adverse comments are also part of social media. Instead of ignoring them and considering them haters, you must acknowledge them by explaining the issues they have raised, so you don’t have to face the same in the time ahead. As per research, 68% of users consider social media to see the reviews of services and brand offerings. If they confront any negative comment with the proper explanation from the customer representative, it is not bad, but abandoned words without replies are.

Myth # 4: Emails are Now Old-School.

Marketing through social media is the augmentation in the process, not the replacement. The sole purpose is to expand the reach of the audience. Email is not going anywhere. They are still worth it and have significant relevance for the marketing campaign.

Myth # 5: Social Media Does Not Require Any Payments.

Without any doubt, social media is the free platform to promote services and expanding customer reach. But there are some services which only users can avail themselves of after paying a certain amount. Paid campaigns, for example, you can use for social media updates. These are then shown on a dashboard to your target markets, ensuring that you receive the most views from prospective buyers. Customized branding on Facebook, for instance, can bring customers’ attention towards the brand effortlessly. There are also some affordable graphic design services that can help you develop some engaging posts to capture an audience.

Myth # 6: Give Response Immediately to Social Activities.

Not required always, but a spontaneous reply to a customer from the brand is appreciated. People realize that you are in a business and have hands in multiple things simultaneously. It is fine and understandable to them if your response takes time. For instance, suppose you have an account on social media to cater customers’ complain, but can damage your brand’s reputation as your dealing with complains publicly. Consulting and seeking advice from the team members in that scenario immediately for an adequate reply can save your brand’s credibility.

Myth # 7: Audience Will Come When You Build It.

Writing content on social accounts to show the presence will not bring followers and engagement to the channel. Working every day with dedication will bring an impact and help you gain readers and followers. Work with patience as results might take some time to appear. You work devotedly to produce engaging content and promote the brand’s services at regular intervals.

Myth # 8: Large Followers Base Means Better

Bigger is better, not necessarily. The number of followers is not equal to the number of customers interested in your brand. The center of attraction must be the audience engaging with the brand rather than focusing on the followers. If the existing followers are active and react to the content you post, new followers are already on your way.

Myth # 9: We Cannot Generate Revenue from Social Media Marketing.

It is one of the biggest believable myths out there and completely illogical. It is only valid if you are using social platforms without any strategy. On the other hand, if you develop an effective plan by doing extensive market research, collect the data, and analyze it, you can drive a substantial amount of revenue and sales from social channels. Things do not happen overnight as social media is sort of a tool, not a magic wand. Be consistent and show some patience; things will speak themselves afterward.

Myth # 10: Social Media is Only for Youth.

It is the mother of all myths; social media is a youth-oriented channel the biggest lie of this era. How can we say that social platforms are only for youth or Generation Z? Although it is agreeable that number of young millennials on social media sites and apps are ample. Still, it does not equate to that the old generation is listening to a radio station with a cup of tea in hand. They are equally taking an interest in today’s ongoing trend and adopting various channels to socialize with their old peeps. So, keeping all generations in mind while developing social media strategy is crucial.

Myth # 11: Content Marketing and Social Media Both are Different Campaigns.

Here busting the last myth. Social media is the channel to promote content and services conveniently. Everyone has to understand that one cannot do much good without the other. They both support each other to produce extraordinary results.

Final Words

If you utilize it correctly, social media is a great marketing tool. Myths are nothing but barriers to your success path. If you rise above these barriers and drive limitations, the goal is easily achievable. Be cautious; however, the same social which brings positive impacts can turn into your biggest enemy. Always perform thorough research to know the ins and outs before diving into the process. And if you want risk free approach for developing professional and visually appealing posts. In that case, you can consider a Flat Fee Graphic Design service that can generate high-quality Unlimited Graphic designs for you on a monthly subscription basis.

Author Bio:

Hamza Iqbal – Digital Content Producer for the software development company. He develops and implements content strategies for Cubix, along with aligning business goals with content marketing activities. He actively contributes articles related to digital and content marketing.