Zoom app: Major mode of communication amid COVID-19

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Video conferencing apps have made it simple and straightforward to connect with people. These apps are used for several purposes, such as online meetings, webinars, conference rooms, etc. An app like zoom provides a high-quality interface to connect with multiple people simultaneously without any glitches. Zoom has around 4 lakh users by the end of its first months of its launch, which is just two years after its launch. It would be a prospering business sector in the coming years. So it would be wise to invest in the Zoom clone.

These are the ways by which Video conferencing apps like Zoom are beneficial for people:

Webinars: These offer an amazing platform to conduct the session. These sessions can be lectures, hands-on tutorials, and so on. It acts as a medium for two-way communication, so there is no restriction regarding the ways to utilize it.
Pre-recorded session: With the recording facility in the Zoom clone, users can record the entire session and share it with the people. Some educational institutions are adopting this model to teach students during COVID-19 times.
Online mode: These are live interaction sessions to connect with the people. It provides an interactive platform for learning as well as discussion.

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