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People have become completely reliant on Internet services to obtain their desired outcomes. Many people have started to develop a profitable internet business now that the internet is gaining more attention. Consumers have a wide range of needs when it comes to residential services. What if you could build a useful business app for centralised home service? Yes, if you want to develop a business with multiple revenue streams, this is the greatest option for you. Inoru’s Home Service App is a real-time on-demand app that provides plumbing, cleaning, electrical repairs, grooming, and training services. It’s a fully customised software that instantly links people with the best professional service providers.
Customers can use the services without fear of being scammed because the platform is secure. Some of the most notable features of Inoru’s Home Service App are listed below.
Login to Social Media
Search for Services
Filters are a type of filter that is used
Customer service
The Schedule of Bookings
You can also tailor the functionality to your own business needs. To identify the perfect business model for you, you can choose from a variety of service models.

Aggregator Of Vendors And Service Experts
Owners of Service Businesses
Owners of Service Chains and Specialists

Are you thinking about launching a new company? What’s the use in putting it off any longer? Inoru can make you a custom Home Service App right now! Please contact us straight immediately!

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