Why Should you Invest in Dream11 Clone?

Dream11 upholds 1 millions users in 2014 which then raised to 2 million in 2016. By being successful in fantasy app world, Dream11 achieved more than 45 million in 2018. By analyzing the above statistics, it is clear that fantasy sports industry is experiencing the constant growth.

Usage of fantasy sports app has raised to its extent in recent times. This is because, cricket enthusiast expressed their love towards their beloved game by downloading a new fantasy sports app and signing up in it.

Here are some astonishing facts & figures which strongly recommends to invest in fantasy sports app like dream11

1. Awareness of fantasy sport has recorded more than 65% in metro cities of India and 70% in non-metro cities.

2. User engagement has raised from 4 crores to 8+ crore in the last few years.

3. 2/3 of the overall population in India are familiar with fantasy sports betting app

4. While considering overall India, 66% of people in North India use these fantasy sports app, 60% in south India, 63% in West & 60% in Eastern part of India

5. More than 90% of users are preferring mobile phone or tablets for playing.

6. 81% of the fantasy sport users are males and 19% are females.

7. 30% of users who are playing sports betting app are young males aged between 18 – 25 years.

8. 70% of users using fantasy sports app are between 26 to 36 years

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