Whatsapp clone script

  • Clone of: WhatsApp
  • Language:
  • License: Commercial

Whatsapp is the most used app by the worldwide population. It’s almost as if it is mandatory to have the app when a person has a smartphone that everybody is using. It is because of the efficient performance and the attractive features that come along with it. Basically, WhatsApp is a messenger app that lets the user send messages in the form of texts, audio, video, emojis, etc. one can also share documents, music, and location to anyone who uses the app who lives anywhere in the world.
Turnkeytown offers WhatsApp like app development with enhanced UI/UX and optimized features that give better satisfaction to the users

Some of the features of the WhatsApp clone are

Inbuilt camera
In-app video or call facility
End to end encryption for security
Ability to any kind of documents
Search engine.
Ability to access the app on any device.
Whatsapp payment system.

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