What Is The Workflow Of An Ubereats Like App ?

  • Clone of: UberEats
  • Developer: Aryannamiah
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  • License: Commercial

The food delivery market is going at a steady pace with the introduction of many food delivery apps. With the advent of technology, app users can order their food from their nearby location with just a click. The popularity of food delivery apps has influenced entrepreneurs to start their food delivery apps in the market.

But before starting a venture, it is essential to have a business model. Uber, a premium food delivery app, has been the vital force behind many entrepreneurs to start a career in the food delivery market. Developing an UberEats like app for the food delivery business will be a top-notch solution for entrepreneurs. The UberEats like app will be a cloned version of the UberEats app.

Workflow of UberEats like app

Upon downloading the UberEats like app, the users can register with the app by providing their credentials.
The users can browse and search for their favorite food from the app. After selecting their food, the users can add them to the cart and make their payments through feasible ways.
The UberEats like app will forward the orders to the restaurants. The restaurants will accept the order and start preparing the food.
The delivery assistants near the restaurant will get the notification and start towards the restaurant to pick up the order.
Once the delivery assistants pick up the order, the users will get their notifications in the app.
The users can track the orders from the app and communicate with the delivery assistant regarding their orders and will receive their order at the mentioned time.
The admin app of UberEats like the app will deduct the commission charges and transfer the remaining amount to the restaurants.

Summing up,

The UberEats like app will follow the workflow mentioned above through its business. The UberEats like app will remain a bridge between the customers and restaurants by building their gap through online food ordering

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