Watch yourself become successful using Netflix clone

  • Clone of: Netflix
  • Developer: inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

The lockdown forced us to be at home, whereas online video streaming provided an escape to all of us, and rightfully earned a global user base with exceeding profits. Set foot into the lucrative video streaming industry using Inoru’s Netflix clone.

Netflix clone is a recreation of the famous Netflix; it provides the benefits of the original with innovative features. Netflix is the new trend, and it is here to stay. Secure your place on the global market with Inoru’s Netflix clone.
Some of the features in Netflix clone for users are as follows,
– Sign up
– Quick login
– Choose a plan
– Personalization
– Sorting by genre
– Ratings
– Search
– Profile management
– Show/film description
– Subtitles
– Push notifications
– Curated recommendations
The revenue model of the Netflix clone,
– Subscriptions
– Pay per view
– Advertising revenue
Why choose Inoru?
– 14+ years of experience
– Tailored solutions
– Scalability
– Guaranteed privacy and security
– In house staff
– Ongoing support
– Best-in-line pricing
Put your business on the map and reap the benefits using Netflix clone. For more details or information, contact us. Give your business the much-needed acceleration and take it to greater heights!

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