Want a food delivery app like Postmates and know everything about it?

Postmates is an on-demand mobile app that delivers goods in more than 100+ cities of the US. Founded by Sam Street, Sean Plaice and Bastian Lehmann in 2011. They generally work by tying up with the local stores. And the delivery is done by the delivery personals they hire. They work as mediators between the customer and service providers( local stores).
Talking about their revenue generation strategy, they mainly earn in 3 ways.
Delivery fee:
Postmates charges a small amount of delivery fee that starts from $5 on every order placed. Though during the offers these charges are as low as $3 or even less. However, they maintain an 80 and 20 division, where 80% of the total delivery fee goes to the delivery person and the rest 20 % goes into the bags of the company.
Convenience fee:
Postmate charges a convenience fee of 9% on every order. There is no ease on this. Though customers happily pay for the same as long as their orders are being delivered at home with much hassle.
Merchant programme:
By this programme, postmate ties up with local stores. The main purpose has been that the store will pay a certain amount earned from the bill to the company for providing the service.

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