• Clone of: Venmo
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Online payment has been a common thing now. Many online payment platforms have emerged since the booming of the digital world. At the same time, soon after the emergence of online payment platforms people never step out of their house to do cash transfers to banks or ATMs. After several decades when people got a platform to do cash transfers that takes very little time, they welcomed it with a full heart. Right after the emergence of one app there came many other online payment apps in the market. This was yet another booming sector in the market along with many others.
One of the great disadvantages of these online apps were the transaction cost they take. For many of the apps available in the market, we know that third party like banks is connected to do all these transactions. And it is for these third parties the transaction cost is taken. As these third parties are involved many times the customers have faced issues in sending money. Several times messages like server problem or some other messages pop up saying your transaction can’t be sent now. These all happen because of the involvement of a third party.
Venmo clone app by INORU is an online payment platform that includes only peer-to-peer involvement. No other third parties like the bank are involved and the transactions done here are in the safest and most secure way. Venmo clone app offers a direct method of payment with only P2P payment providers. At INORU, we offer the most streamlined and profitable business for entrepreneurs as it has key features and functionalities that help to make your business a profitable one. Venmo clone app is one of the profits earned clone app as it is designed in such a way to earn one. So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to launch an app that can earn profit at a high rate, then the Venmo clone app is all yours. Let us know about its feature before owning it.
· Send and receive money
· Share payment
· Track payment
· PIN code identification
· Account personalization and settings
· Split bills
· Bills and invoices
· Digital wallet
· In-app messaging

This gives a clearer picture of the app but definitely has a lot more. Contact us to know more and launch one soon!

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