Venmo Clone – A Robust And Secure Payment Platform For Instant Business Success!

  • Clone of: Venmo
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Today, we rely entirely on various payment platforms available as it is the easiest way to make payments through it. But is the money in the e-wallet secure enough? So, businesses need to come up with great ideas that will make them stand out from the competition. As transferring money is done online, many loopholes must be taken care of before you start a business, especially if you are planning to initiate a payment application business. Can you ensure a safe and secure platform for your customer’s money? You can confidently get into starting a copayment application business by deploying an app like Venmo. Inoru’s Venmo Clone is an on-demand online payment platform where you can ensure a safe, transparent, and secure transaction with a P2P network without any indulgence of any third-party intermediaries. Some of the primary features of Venmo Clone are as follows.

Send And Receive Money
Share Payments
Track Payments
PIN Code Identification
Split Bills
Bills And Invoices
In-App Messages
Digital Wallet
As these features can be customized, you can choose to get more add-on features that are unique and serve purposes for your customers. There are various methods Of Payment With Venmo Clone, such as the following.

E-Commerce Payments
Peer To Peer Payments
On Spot Payments
Installment Payments
Cab Payments
Sending And Receiving Of Money
Borrow Money From Friends
Setting A Limit On Time For Amount To Be Borrowed.
Why are you waiting? Get your customized Venmo Clone and start growing your business to sky limits. Connect with us now!

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