Venmo Clone – A Contemporary Online Platform For Safe And Secure Payments!

  • Clone of: Venmo
  • Developer: Venmo Clone App Development - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

In the present world, We all know that the payments that we make are completely digital. With all our payments and money being stored in a secured platform, there are still more loopholes in the E-payment platforms. How can you provide solutions to the never-ending issue of securing your customers’ payments? We introduce you to Inoru’s Venmo Clone, a secure platform that enables your customers to perform all sorts of global transactions, where they are protected within a P2P network without any third-party interference. The main features of Inoru’s Venmo Clone are as follows.

Send And Receive Money
Share Payments
Track Payments
PIN Code Identification
Account Settings
Split Bills
Digital Wallet
In-App Messaging

The modes of online payment available in Venmo Clone are,

Online E-Commerce Payments
Peer to Peer Payments Within A Network
On The Spot Payments

If you are interested in developing an app like Venmo, join us immediately to get your personalized Venmo Clone from Inoru!

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