UberEats clone app-Give your customers the most needed app of all time, the food delivery app and feed your customer’s hungry tummy.

  • Clone of: UberEats
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

We all know how important food is to us. The joy a good food can give is not less and the time we all are having good food is the happiest. But, as we all know, the world is still recovering from the outbreak and is in a standstill mode where almost all business fields are having their tough times including restaurants. So, starting a food delivery business is seen as most appropriate for the time and people would be so thankful for this. Because they miss having their favorite food or desserts from their favorite places.
At INORU, we have developed this UberEats Clone application with seamless tools and techniques that makes your and your customers’ tasks so easy and simple. This is a white-labeled app and can be completely customizable. This has 100% scalability and the third parties can integrate with no hassle.

Now let us see the benefits you can get as an entrepreneur after launching it-

Multiple Ways To Order
The UberEats clone can act as an added revenue source for your business apart from dining in and takeaway options.

Build Your Brand-
With the large customer base that food delivery apps enjoy, the added visibility of being displayed in the app will be good for your business.

Increase Your Reach
In cases, you reach both physically and metaphorically! Not only will more people learn about your restaurant, but they will be provided with exact directions should they choose to visit!

Simplify The Customer Experience
With the help of our UberEats clone, your customers can order in a matter of seconds with ease.

Payment Made Easy
With numerous payment options available, the task of overseeing payments of all types is easier than ever before.

Cut Your Response Time In Half
Track orders in time and respond dynamically. With our streamlined ordering system, you can serve your customers faster than ever before without compromising on quality or efficiency.

This is an app that can give you profit without any doubt. So, if you are an entrepreneur who wants to give your customers their favorite foods at their doorstep, contact us right away and launch the UberEats clone app soon with INORU.

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