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Many businesses have started to adopt advanced technologies in their businesses to increase their efficiency and productivity. Here, the foremost that became essential is mobile applications. Since people’s need for on-demand services is growing, businesses have incorporated this technique to be more approachable and timely as well. After ride-hailing business, the food delivery service has acquired a tremendous place in the economy as one of the lucrative businesses in the era. And this growth has paved the way for many food delivery startups around the globe, but a few are struggling to invest due to high development costs. To assist them and to provide the best quality at a low price, Appdupe is offering an UberEats clone with prebuilt features, a robust admin panel, and a customer-friendly interface. A few other interesting features that are integrated into the application are listed below,

1. Easy registration and booking through phone and email
2. Availability toggle option
3. Geo-location facility
4. Push notifications
5. Accept/ Reject Request option
6. Payment gateways

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