Uber Clone – Launch An Alternative App For Uber To Initiate Your Taxi Hailing Business

On-demand taxi booking apps are so popular among people these days. With a few taps on the taxi booking apps, the users can easily book their rides. Users can also track their rides from their app in real-time. All these extraordinary features have made people largely depend on taxi-hailing apps to get their rides. Uber is the first to enter the taxi-hailing market with an app. Followed by the success of Uber, many taxi booking apps came into existence. Uber’s business model is the most preferred model for starting a taxi business, and many entrepreneurs are desirous of developing an app like Uber. Are you looking for options to create your venture in taxi booking apps? Then Inoru will be your one-stop destination for developing your Uber clone app.

At Inoru, we craft Uber clone scripts with cutting-edge technology that makes the app more reliable and viable for the users and drivers to operate effortlessly. The highly robust app is developed by a team of dedicated developers, expertise exclusively in taxi-hailing apps.

Distinctive features of Inoru’s Uber clone app

1.Easy registration/sign up

2.Booking rides

3.GPS navigation

4.Fare calculation

5.Multiple payment options

6.In-app chat / call

7.Ride cancellation

8.Push notification

9.Accept / reject booking

10.Booking history

Summing up,

The taxi-hailing market is highly competitive in recent years with the arrival of several taxi booking apps in the market. Opting for a perfect Uber clone app from Inoru crafted with cutting-edge features will help you stay ahead of the competition. Why wait? Please hurry up and schedule a meeting with us to get your Uber clone app

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