• Clone of: Other
  • Developer: Appscrip
  • Language: JAVA
  • License: Commercial

Uber For Trucks is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to begin their own on demand truck app or on demand freight app like Uber Freight, Cargomatic, Doft, Convoy. Start your own on demand trucks app

American Trucking Association(ATA) estimated a 3.2% growth rate for freight volumes till 2023. By combating issues of scalability and efficiency, we have created an
Uber for trucks mobile applications that has found a market potential in this domain.

Our Uber for Trucks mobile app solution comes with an app for shippers, and an app for Truck Drivers. Based on a state of the art technology stack – MongoDB, Redis, Node.js, Angular.js, Swift3, Android and powered by cloud-based services like AWS and digital ocean, our Uber for Trucks applications is a bang-on answer to the problem of scalability.

This Clone Script for Uber For Trucks is the first of its kind On Demand Trucks app or On Demand Freight app with web and mobile apps for:
1) Shippers
2) Drivers
3) Brokers
4) Central Dispatcher

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