TikTok clone app- Launch your own on-demand TikTok clone app and enjoy the business life in very easy steps with INORU.

  • Clone of: Tik-Tok
  • Developer: inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

n this socially connected world it is very hard to find people who are not on social media platforms. Be it Whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, or any other social media platform, everyone including parents are on it. They too are enjoying digital entertainments.
Among these there is yet another social media platform that joined the bandwagon a little late, TikTok. TikTok is a video sharing platform that is used by millions of people around the world. INORU has developed a feature-filled recreation of the video sharing platform developed by our expert team and is available at a cost effective price. This well-crafted clone application is made after much analysis of what makes the original outstanding. This is a comprehensive solution that is filled to the brim with all the features needed for a video sharing platform. This is a white label solution that can be catered according to the customers’ needs and requirements. INORU, offers an engaging clone app with more enhancing features that are ready to launch.
Let us go through the features that makes this enticing-
v Register/ login
v Social media login
v Customize profile
v Privacy settings
v Upload/take picture
v Record/ upload video
v Choose filter
v Select audio track
v Add stickers/emoji
v Dub audio
v Chat option
v Live video
v Create groups
v Follow profile
v Customized feed
v Data analysis
v Report user
v Customer support

Now let us see how to make money through such video making app
v In-app purchases
v In-app advertising
v Premium subscriptions
v Fundraising

Summing up,
TikTok clone app is highly scalable and can be integrated with third-party APIs without any struggles. This TikTok clone app is your dream video sharing app made by the INORU’s experts. This is absolutely a win-win business platform that can earn profit very easily. No doubts! So, join hands with us and launch your own TikTok clone app soon.

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