Thumbtack clone script | TaskRabbit clone script

Can we imagine a day to be spent without the on-demand services? Such is the impact today’s tech has instilled on us. On this note, let us talk specifically about the on-demand service marketplace like TaskRabbit, how it makes people’s lives easier and why it can be the best choice for entrepreneurs to invest in TaskRabbit like app development.

An on-demand service marketplace like Thumbtack is a two-way online marketplace that connects Tasposters with Tasker. Let me explain what they are.
Task posters: Users that require assistance in doing their household chores posts tasks on the app. Taskposters have more money than time, so they look for services providers who can look out for them.
Taskers: They are individuals/freelancers who are looking out for jobs. They receive notifications regarding the jobs posted by the customer via the app. On accepting the service request, they can accomplish specific tasks and get paid for their service.

In this way, Thumbtack clone app development caters to the needs of the stakeholders involved in the business ecosystem. And for entrepreneurs, it offers a wide scope for earning revenue through different means. Some of the revenue-generating factors are listed below.
Service Charges: An extra fee can be added to the total bill amount as a service charge. It helps manage the expenses spent on the app.
Commission charge: A percentage of the amount can be deducted from the service provider earnings for every service accomplished using the app platform.
Peak Pricing: When there is a demand for a particular service, its price can be raised as long as the need exists.

Concluding Note,
As we all know, the on-demand service marketplace has become a necessity and that people are more accustomed to on-demand services. So, entrepreneurs can utilize the chance to benefit the world as well as business. Our TurnkeyTown App development company can provide you right assistance regarding Thumbtack clone app development. Contact us to know more!

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