The Next Gen Online Learning Solutions Is Here With Inoru’s Uber For Tutors!

  • Clone of: Uber for X
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

The current generation of educators is beyond limits. There is a vast syllabus for the students to learn. A student can study only when they are more interested in the subject. But do the students get easy access to choose their tutors? Yes, now the students can choose their tutors with the emerging technology services in the education industry. Inoru’s Uber For Tutors is an exclusively designed online education platform where the students can select their tutors based on their teaching experience. Create a revolution in online education by introducing a robust application that helps in bridging the gap between the students and the tutors. Some of the salient features of Inoru’s Uber For Tutors are as follows.

Signing Up
Browsing The Tutors
Tutoring Plan
Refer And Earn
With all these features being present, you can also customize by adding more add-on features to it. How can you earn with Inoru’s Uber For Tutors? Some of the monetization methods through which you can earn revenue are as follows.

Subscription Fee
Session Commission
Service Charges
Featuring Charges
In-App Advertisements
What are you waiting for? Join us and fill up your pockets by purchasing our personalized Uber For Tutors App from Inoru now. Partner with us soon!

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