Telegram Clone – A Custom Made Messaging Platform With Distinct Features

  • Clone of: Other
  • Developer: inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

The successor in the messaging community is here! Yes, today, we have numerous messaging applications that are available to us, with many features being instilled into it! With all the various messaging apps to use, why do people choose to use only some of them regularly? It is because the messaging application has multiple new features that they can enjoy out of it. Also, the degree of security that the applications provide to the customers plays a major role in using any application. When it comes to the messaging application, safety is a must! We present you with Inoru’s Telegram Clone, a secured instant messaging application with exciting features in-store and a secured platform for both business and personal needs. What are the important features of the Telegram Clone?
Prime Features Of Telegram Clone
The main features of the Telegram Clone are as follows.
Profile Creation
Auto Sync Of Contacts
Multi-Device Login
Group Creation
Audio/Video Calls
Location Sharing
Chat Themes
Privacy Settings
You can also add some new features as add ons that will be best suited for your business requirements. Now, how can you make revenue by building an instant messaging app like Telegram?
Monetization From Telegram Clone
Some of the revenue options that are available from which you can earn your money are given below.

In-App Products
Premium Add On Features
In-App Advertisements

Inoru offers you world-class white label solutions for all types of business requirements. So, if you want to develop an app like Telegram, you are more than welcome to contact Inoru.

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