Strengthen your packing and moving business with our pre-built Uber like Movers App

Do you want to run your business online in the movers industry? Do you want to launch a user-friendly Uber for movers app?

Well! You have no room to worry about launching your movers app anymore when you have our back!

At Inoru, we help you deliver a high-quality movers’ app enabling your business to see profitable growth and revenue in no time.

Pre-packed features of our Uber for movers app
Live geo-tracking
Cancel/change booking
Talk to your driver
Work history
Review system
Secured payment options
Availability Toggle
In-app alerts
Search by specialist
Fare estimation
SMS Authentication
Setting mover’s range

Enlisting the power-packed solutions we offer for businesses
Turnkey solution
Master admin dashboard
Scalable product
Fully customizable solution
Native mobile apps

Get our fully customizable packers and movers script and launch a highly intuitive app that helps your business gain a massive user base by enabling them to book their services via the app swiftly.

So, what are you waiting for? Speed up your movers business with our Uber for movers app.

Achieve your desired ROI with our custom-built movers’ app

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