Rule The Food Delivery Market With Inoru’s On-demand Ubereats Clone

  • Clone of: UberEats
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Food is something that keeps us from happening. The saying ‘good food makes you happy’ is true in every sense. Out of a few business fields that gained a big success in the lockdown period will be the online food delivery apps. It was only through such delivery apps that restaurants, as well as cafes, could get at least for their daily survival. So a food delivery app was encouraged not only by the customers but also by the restaurant and café owners. This is where an app like UberEats finds great profit as well as success. Ubereats clone is an online food delivery app developed by INORU with a talented expertise team. When the Ubereats clone app got a safety green card from the food and safety authorities the business has doubled up in an eye-blinking time. People can’t think of a day without having some desserts or some sweets from their favorite cafes or restaurants. There will be a minimum of two orders from a house in a week, especially during the lockdown period. This has increased the sales and business of the UberEats clone app this year.

With years of experience, we built an app that is 100% scalable and customizable. As we value our time very much, we develop an app that is time efficient as well cost-efficient without sacrificing its quality and security. The app is developed with great flexibility and can be virtually integrated with any third party easily. The app has got global acceptance and thus it has multiple payment options so that it allows different payment gateways of your choice to start accepting the payments in the international currency, also this has got multilingual support, meaning the app can be used in the language your customer is comfortable with. We have developed an app with interesting features. They are-
• User registration
• Select restaurants
• Live order tracking
• List of categories
• Re-order
• Schedule
• Delivery
• Takeaway option
• Promotional offers
• Profit management
• Ratings
• Customer support

Summing up,
Ubereats clone app is a highly profitable app. This comes with seamless tools and methods that give your customer a user-friendly experience. Contact us right away to know more about getting ready to set your business with Inoru’s Ubereats clone app.

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