Revamp your courier business using the Uber for courier app

  • Clone of: Uber
  • Developer: diaadalyn
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Delivering courier need not take days and days anymore. You can now deliver courier within just a few minutes using the on-demand Uber for courier services app. We will provide you guidance and help develop an excellent on-demand courier service app at affordable cost and considerable time. Our solutions are highly efficient with robust features like

Easy User Login
Users can log in easily and provide their contact details and address on creating their profile.

Request to send/ receive a courier
Users can request to send a courier on which a delivery executive will be assigned.
They can also receive courier from anyone from anywhere.

Push notification
Delivery executives will receive a notification of the request and accept it according to their availability. Users also receive regular notifications on the delivery status.

GPS feature
Users can track the delivery executive using the GPS feature. Delivery personnel can reach the user’s place and deliver the courier using the same.

Users can pay in a multitude of ways like the debit card, credit card, UPI.

With all these robust features, our developers will help build a smooth Uber for courier apps. Move forwards and schedule a meeting with us.

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