Practo like App Development

  • Clone of: Practo
  • Developer: turnkey town
  • Language: ASP NET
  • License: Commercial

Cut the long waiting hours in the doctor’s clinic by booking an appointment with the doctor of a choice in the timings that are comfortable according to the users through the practo like app development by turnkeytown who are renowned for practo like app cloning. Online consultation is also made possible with the practo app clone. Practo stands first in revenue with a turnover of 15 million dollars annually, Let us look at some of the benefits that make the users prefer practo over anything.

Benefits of developing practo like app

Online consultation through chat or call.
Tracking medical history
24/7 doctor availability
Privacy of the patient’s records is maintained by the doctors.
Easy doctor appointment booking
Queries resolved any time by the certified doctors.
Available over a wide range of regions.
Specialist doctors are available for all sorts of medical treatments and guidance.

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