Practo Clone – A Bridging Healthcare Platform For Doctors And Patients!

In this era, there is a crisis of current healthcare services where people suffer to get them when in need. Although there is a rise in the need for healthcare services, it is inevitable that not everybody has access to good healthcare. Due to the rise in software applications, we can even provide healthcare services online. Yes, the aspiring entrepreneurs who want to bring a revolution in healthcare by developing a robust healthcare service application that will help millions of lives by providing the best services in need. Introducing you with Inoru’s Practo Clone, an on-demand healthcare service providing platform that is highly scalable and customizable based on your enterprise needs. Some of the vibrant features of the Practo Clone are as follows.

1.User Registration
2.User Profile
3.Browsing Doctors
4.Schedule Appointments
5.Toggle Mode
6.Video Conferencing
7.Upload Medical Records
8.Digital Prescriptions
9.Flexible Payments
10.Booking History
11.In-App Messaging
12.Pop Up Alerts

As all the features can be customizable, you can easily choose the required features based on your business needs. Why should you choose Inoru as your application developers? Some of the reasons to choose Inoru are as follows.

1.White Label Solutions
3.Sleek Design
4.Secure Payments
5.Global Projects
6.Free Server Installation
7.Round The Clock Support
Why wait? Get your personalized Practo Clone from Inoru today! Connect with us now!

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