Plunge into the music streaming Spotify clone app giving pristine audio quality

  • Clone of: Spotify
  • Developer: millerwentworth
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Music plays a vital role in every individual’s life. We tend to listen to music when we feel stressed , depressed. Music is mixed with people’s lives and serves as a cure whenever we feel low.

The Spotify clone app is built with user-friendly features and we are going to list out the major features below.

The features include,
Login/ Signup
Advanced search engine
Customized Playlist option
Trending tracks
Multilingual support
Multi Payment gateways.
Reviews & ratings.

In-app Ads

The Spotify clone allows users to listen to free songs. It attracts many people making them potential users.

The developer can advertise in the Spotify clone app by paying other advertisers to advertise. This helps businesses generate an income as ads will be popped between every three to five songs.

The subscription-based app users get additional advantages than other free users. This benefits the app developers to earn as this subscription fee still allows them to make money.

Premium features
The app developers develop Spotify clones that opens up more features for the user by providing them premium services. It helps them access to share their playlist and download songs even while offline.ell

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