Plunge Into The Healthcare Industry By Offering A Reliable Ondemand Practo Clone app

  • Clone of: Practo
  • Developer: Turnkeytown
  • Language: JAVA
  • License: Commercial

The on-demand service industry is experiencing tremendous growth in this digital era because many people are searching for an ideal platform to access their services instantly. The raging pandemic that has shut the world has caused an upsurge in the usage of on-demand doctor apps. The Practo clone app helps people who seek medical consultations regularly to find their desired doctors instantly and get the online medical service. If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, you can dive into this sector with a feature-rich Practo clone app development solution to elevate your business.

What are the benefits of the Practo clone App?

INSTANT SERVICE: App like Practo helps the patients to get the right kind of medical support they need from a network of doctors and other health care professionals. The app facilitates instant online consultation, saves time, and reduces efforts spent on traveling.

Wider reach: Developing a Practo like app allows doctors and health care professionals to reach more people in the time of need. They can have virtual consultations and offer follow-up consultations with the patients through the mobile app.

Good business opportunity: The COVID-19 Pandemic has shined a spotlight on the health care industry. Research says the global market size for online healthcare will reach USD 270.3 billion in 2021, posing a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 23.6%. Besides saving people’s lives, the health care industry offers a good deal of business during these times.

What are the three ends of the app?
The Practo clone app consists of three panels.
CUSTOMER APP: A mobile app for customers should be easy to use and navigate through. The patients can search for their desired medical service and schedule appointments with the doctors through the app.
SPECIALIST APP: This app allows the specialist to update/add details of their expertise, their service experience, availability, pricing, etc. that helps the users to make an appointment with doctors based on their preference.

Admin app: The admin app will maintain the listings of doctors, medical specialists, and patients. The admin app has all the access to control and manage the reports and data of the app.

What are the Key revenue-generating factors?
Site Charges: The admin can fix a commission price to acquire from the doctors for every service processed through the app
Advertisement & Promotions: The admin can rent the ad space to potential advertisers and make a great profit.

With Practo clone app development, you can free people from the burden of waiting for hours to get an appointment with health care professionals. Having excelled in the art of app development, TurnkeyTown proffers readily modifiable and robust Practo clone script to the benefit of both parties in the ecosystem.

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