Paypal Clone App – Equip Your Business Standards With Inoru’s Paypal Clone App

  • Clone of: Paypal
  • Developer: Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

With the recent technological advancements, we solely rely on digital services the most. Right from buying groceries to doctor consultations, we need things to be done as soon as possible. As the payments are also made digital into the e-wallet, we also have to be aware of the loopholes in it. As an ambitious entrepreneur, if you are interested in taking up risks, choose Inoru’s Paypal Clone App, an app like Paypal that allows the users to make digital transactions simple without any risks and fears. We offer some customized software solutions for all business needs.

Paypal Clone Features

The quick little run-through of the features of Paypal Clone is,

User Profile Registration
Receipt Sharing
Authentication Recognition
Payment Invoice
Money Transactions
Bank Account Integration
QR Code Reader
In-App Wallets
Contact Sync
In-App Messaging
Pop Up Notifications
Split Bill
Payment History
End To End Encryption

How Can You Generate Revenue?

Some of the automated ways through which you can earn revenue are,

Credit Card Transaction Fee
Money Transfer Fee
Merchant Fee

Rush to start a business that is worth your investment with Inoru. Connect with us to purchase our on-demand Paypal Clone App now!

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