Paypal Clone App – An excellent Mobile Wallet App With awesome key Features

  • Clone of: Paypal
  • Developer: Paypal Clone App Development -Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Over the years, we are seeing how digital platform has influenced most of the people. From then onwards we have cut the word ’waiting’ from our dictionary and added terms like, ‘now’, ‘single-tap, ‘no patience’, and much more. Payment applications are no excuse for this. Right from its arrival on digital platforms, people never thought of going to the bank and pay or do money transactions. The customers have learned in very little time, and this had a huge widespread across the globe in the shortest period. Most of the time they have forgotten how they have done it. And they want transactions to be done in a single touch.
This is where the fintech applications started showing their heads on the digital platforms. This new-gen online payment system was widely accepted with no time and eight out of ten people use this application to do online transactions. With this peer-to-peer payment system, users can transfer money to any accounts with no third parties involved, with complete privacy and security, and with less/no transaction charges. The users can give and get money by just sitting in any part of the world at any time in just a few clicks.
At INORU, our talented team has designed our own PayPal clone app to assist entrepreneurs and business owners who already wish to put their foot in fintech business and are planning to generate revenue through this opportunity. Our PayPal clone script is ready to launch script awaiting your customization. This helps you to get your payment gateway in no time.
INORU’S PayPal clone app comes up with features that keep a standard
· Account setup
· Share receipts
· Multi-factor authentication
· Invoice generation
· Send payments
· QR code reader
· Integrate bank account
· Contact synchronisation
· In-app wallet
· In-app messaging
· Payment history
· Shopping
· Settings
· pop-up notification
· split bills
· end-to-end encryption

Want to know more about our clone app before launching? Feel free to contact us right away.

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