Multi-service app with a Dunzo clone – Get your daily chores done quickly

  • Clone of: Dunzo
  • Developer: AppDupe
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Open Source

Dunzo is a startup that focuses on the hyperlocal delivery of products in the major metro cities of India. It is valued at more than $250 million currently.

As part of the Dunzo clone, orders can be fulfilled quickly. We offer Android and iOS apps, web applications, and a robust admin dashboard.

The process to use the multi-service app like Dunzo clone

The users should become a member on the platform by disclosing their personal information.
Order the specific products that they wish to be delivered to their doorstep.
Fix a deadline before which you wish your task to be completed.
Reach out to the delivery executive through the in-app live chat facility.
Track the order on a real-time basis.
Pay for the value of the order by using numerous payment methods.
Can provide the feedback for the availed service using the refer and earn system.

Hence, acquire the Dunzo clone to provide the best user experience by completely satisfying the customers from start to finish.

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