– Total Online Medicine Software Solution

Total Online Medicine Software Solution For All Medication And Healthcare Needs
Med.Me – Our Online Medicine Software was designed to allow online purchase of medications anytime and anywhere.
Provision to purchase from an entire range of Medical and Healthcare Products. Build a full inventory of medicines,fitness products,nutritional items, personal care and health care from different brands using our online pharmacy delivery software.
Complete App for Medical and Health Care Needs
Enabling a better customer buying experience. Get a fully-tested Online Medicine Software software mobile app branded for your business. Complete with rich features that suit both you and your customers needs.
Schedule Refill
Customers can easily buy medicines ordered at a regular frequency. Once the medicines are registered to a name, with a single click all the medicines can be ordered at one go.
Pill Reminders
Customers are provided with the option to register consumption patterns of a medicine in the App. Then whenever it is due for taking medication a notification will be generated as a reminder.

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