Make The Voices Earn Revenue For You By Launching A Superior Clubhouse Clone

  • Clone of: Clubhouse
  • Developer: turnkey town
  • Language: JAVA
  • License: Commercial

The Clubhouse is a highly exclusive invite – in social media app that is allowed to be used only by the people who are invited in. There is something even more unique about Clubhouse, and it is that people can connect through audio-only. Once a user gets invited in, he can join in the conversation already going on in the app or begin a conversation independently. The audio chats are not saved for later, providing privacy. Though it seems to be travelling back in time, this concept is becoming a social sensation because the audio-only social media business has already started to gain its pace and earn revenue.

Clubhouse clone can be viewed as a platform where all the backgrounds, walk-ins and visual interactions are completely forgotten and it concentrates solely on the conversation. Inside the app, there are ‘rooms’ of group talking where communities with shared interests interact. The older people who find visual interactions to be frustrating can find the audio interfaces friendlier. From a business point of view, any business person can create a room and use that space to talk about their projects and promote their upcoming launches that can lead to investments.

Audio social media is gaining attention from people nowadays. It can be the new norm of the future. Many social audio-only media apps are making their way into the market, but what it takes to sustain in the market is the app that provides enhanced user experience. Our expertise at TurnkeyTown proffers You a top-notch clubhouse clone script that is highly customisable to meet your business needs and expectations. Also, what we offer is a white-label clubhouse clone solution that can be rebranded with your logo, brand name, and your identity elements. Reach out to us and become a sound businessman in the social media market!

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