Make the teacher-student relationship thicker by launching INORU’s uber for tutor app

  • Clone of: Uber for X
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

A tutoring job is a service that takes a lot of sincerity, dedication, and hard work. The teaching profession is seen as one of the divine jobs in the world. The pandemic has given the education system a completely new face and people have started accepting it already. Even when the digital world was undergoing huge changes, and giving birth to many applications, we never thought an application for a complete education system will be needed. Pandemic has shown that going to schools and offices are not safe and finding solutions by sitting inside your home will be the safest. Parents have tried several times to teach their kids by themselves but didn’t turn out to be effective. And started searching e-learning platforms. This is where INORU came up with the most effective and user-friendly app for the teachers and students.
INORU’S uber for a tutor is very easy to use. The teacher has to just log in or register and give your specializations. Once teachers and students are registered, then students can select their teachers according to their wishes. And the teacher can go to their place and give them personal tutoring if they want. This can enhance the quality of the student and students will learn more effectively. This app has seamless tools like a ready-to-launch application. 100% customization service, white-label solution, analytics dashboard, and much more. The uber for tutor app comes with noticing features that make your customer work so easy.
· sign up
· Surfing for tutors
· Push notification
· Tutoring plan
· Refer and earn
Summing up,
Teaching effectively is very important and has no substitute for it. So, in the virtual learning process, as an app developer who has years of experience and knowledge this we thrive our best to provide your customers with the best they can get for learning. As this is ready to launch app all you have to do is contact us and be a successful entrepreneur with INORU.

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