Make the e-learning platform more effective, fun and simple by launching the INORU’S educational app and have a successful business life.

  • Clone of: Udemy
  • Developer: inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

The digital world along with the educational industry is going through tremendous changes. The pandemic has proven that even the traditional educational practice systems can be changed to online platforms. Without wasting any time at universities, colleges, schools and tutoring centres, everybody has shifted to online teaching platforms and found it to be very beneficial. In this pandemic time where the parents have no time to concentrate on their children’s education and are lacking efficiency in the children’s learning, an app for education is very useful and effective. The parents can work from home peacefully and their kids can learn without spending any time and effectively.
This app helps to improve and personalize the learning experience for students across the globe and simultaneously optimize institutional technology infrastructure. This is a robust, creative, and scalable learning educational software built by our veteran educational app developers and they harness the power of technology coupled with in-depth analytics to design, develop and deliver this on-demand educational application. At INORU the expert developers have developed a well-crafted unrivalled educational app to enhance the e-learning experience for global users seamlessly. This is ready to launch an app that can be completely customizable.
This is developed in a way that can bring benefits to you both, i.e. to you and your customers as well. So, before jumping to its features, let us check the benefits this app can offer so that you can understand whether it will be useful if you launch it.
Boost learner engagement

· System for tracking assignments
· Access to digital library
· Mechanism to assess students
· E-books
· Digital bookmarking

Teaching improvement

Create custom contents
Efficient evaluation process
Student management system
Update e-books
Connect with students

Infrastructure enhancement

Secured fees collection
Effective campus management
Boost operation activities
Monitor and manage institute resources
Process driven approach

There are certain features that make the work of your users simple and easy.
Easy login
Subject list
Search and filter
In-app communications
Post questions

Summing up,
This is just a glimpse of the whole app. Without having many thoughts and doubts, however, you can contact our team and clear all your queries before you go for launch. Because we have got the best team who have the knowledge and are expert in the work they are doing and can help you launch the app in a few days.

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