Magnify Your Business Reach By Launching A Powerful Whatsapp Clone

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  • License: Commercial

Whatsapp is an instant messaging platform that connects people globally, gaining a vast masses customer base. Whatapp clone app allows users to perform a wide range of actions, from sending messages to making voice/video calls to people anywhere across the world. Get started with this new-gen instant messaging Whatsapp like app development to gain a foothold in the ever-growing instant messaging social media platform.

Below are some of the exclusive features you can add to your Whatsapp clone app to make it stand unique from others.

Instant Search: Instant search option can allow users to search for users, chats, groups, and messages in the app instantly
Direct reply: Users can quote the message in the conversation and reply for the same directly
Broadcast option: Using this option, the users can send message to multiple users at the same time using this option
Whatsapp Group: This feature can enable users to create groups including their friends, family members, or colleagues and chat with them
Share media: The share media option allows the user to share video, image, audio, location, contact, and docs with people
Synchronize contacts: This feature can sync the user contacts automatically into WhatsApp, thereby allowing the users to chat with their contacts through the app
Mute Chat: This feature can be added to enable the user to mute a chat/group when they are busy at work so that the user will not get notifications
Star/Unstar chats: This option can enable the user to bookmark the important messages for later use
Notifications: Notifications option can enable users to change the notification settings such as group tone, chat tone, etc. as per their wish

TurnkeyTown offers an end-end customizable Whatsapp clone script with stunning features and admirable UI to witness a seamless performance on both Android and iOS platforms. Join your hands with us and launch a successful instant messaging app to live your entrepreneurial dreams!

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