Level up your Multiservice business with Urban Clap clone

To facilitate multiple services through one medium, the Urban clap was introduced. It provided several services, from plumbing and repairing to cleaning and many more. This business carried out online gained a significant market very initially. And this boosted a lot of other entrepreneurs to develop their business in the same niche, which kindled the need to build Urbanclap clones.
INORU, with its expertise, aids in developing a full-featured Urban clap clone that is also opened to listen out to any number of customization features to ease the flow of the business. Here we help you develop a White-labeled app that is compatible and ensures increased performability as the app is developed using clone scripts, improving the app’s performance.
While talking about the performances, the User interface of the Urban clap clone must be simple and capable of performing at ease.

– Easy social media login
-Multiple payment gateways
-Improved filters and features
-Customized search bar
-Data security

These properties can be implemented to make the app more user-friendly and easy to use by the users, which encourages them to carry the app to their excellent books.
With the features and facilities available at INORU, it’s evident that the cloned apps built here are trustworthy and outstanding. So if you are an entrepreneur looking to establish your multiservice app to carry out your business at ease that ensures easy management flow, INORU will be the right place for you to develop your Urban clap clone.

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