Letgo Clone App will make your revenue grow high among the competitors

  • Clone of: Letgo
  • Developer: Marcus Anthony
  • Language: PHP

Hey there! The reseller e-commerce apps have become the most preferred choice among entrepreneurs or professionals who wish to leverage their business in the reselling e-commerce platform. Taking the advantage of reseller e-commerce apps like Letgo, investors keep witnessing continued business growth and an increase in ROI.

Here, both sellers and buyers congregate into the app to sell or purchase products. Sellers can list an unlimited number of products and upload them on the app. On the other hand, buyers will go through the listed products, select their preferred ones, and make the payment.

As sellers get to sell their products via the app, they are bound to pay you a certain portion of their earnings as commission fees. Likewise, the Letgo app clone has several other sources of revenue like ads, premium service, and promotional content.

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