Launch your Venmo clone app and reduce the risk involved in money transferring with INORU.

  • Clone of: Venmo
  • Developer: James Anderson
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

We all know how much people hate to go to banks or ATMs for doing money transactions. Spending long hours in the bank and standing in the never-ending queue have already been forgotten by the people since the arrival of online payment platforms. The surprising factor is people started to use this app and have gotten used to it within the shortest time. And by all this time they have forgotten the traditional ways of payment systems. People found that online payment methods are more time-saving, easy, and convenient. And now the online payment apps have been ruling the field.
At INORU, we have developed an app that allows peer-to-peer interaction that has no transactions as there are no third parties involved. This online payment platform offers the users a secure, encrypted, and directed method of banking that is unparalleled, leading the charts in P2P payment providers. Venmo clones are developed and designed with high technicality, paying attention to detail. This falls under high complexity apps, but at INORU we provide quality applications at affordable prices never seen before in the market. Launching an online payment app can bring certain advantages to you. They are-
· P2P payment platform- The Venmo Clone App is a peer-to-peer payment method, so all transactions are carried out privately without any third-party intervention. The platform is encrypted, and all transactions direct, making payment processes fast-paced.

· Absence of hard cash-Handling of hard cash is futile. Contactless payment is more hygienic and secure.

· Fundraising- Campaigns for charity and non-profit organizations can be carried out.

· Depositing in the bank card- Users can directly add the money they receive into their bank account cards without having to physically visit banks to deposit the money.

Launch your Venmo clone app and enjoy the profit the fintech giant is bringing to you. This is a ready-to-launch app awaiting your customizations. And if you have any queries feel free to contact our experts, they can help with the whole. So, join us right away.

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