launch your Home Service marketplace

Every service is delivered to the consumers’ doorstep as a result of technology advancements, and it’s made easier with the creation of new online service applications. This pressing need sparked the idea for a new company endeavour that would provide gHome service through online Home service applications.
INORU can assist you in creating a powerful Home service app with white-label functionality. The use of scripting techniques to create an app simplifies modification and allows for the addition of new features and improved functioning. Your service app is now more practical and adaptable thanks to the enhancements made possible by INORU.
As a company owner, you may introduce numerous services by building a Home service app.
Pest control
Many more services can be added or blocked in this section. INORU can create a full-featured Home Service app for you, allowing you to easily expand your business and reach out to new and wider audiences.

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