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The booming businesses like textiles, restaurants, pharmacies, groceries, all are facing a crisis because of the pandemic that has been happening for a year. And taking this to the doorsteps was the only solution seen by every entrepreneur. The courier service providers came up with the idea of instant solutions by providing the service to credit. This ‘possibility’ was made to ‘probably’ by the skilled app developers of the town and was able to make a solution in the shortest period.
Courier services are still in its demand line. Especially when the pandemic hit the whole world pathetically and where stuck inside the four walls sending the things as a parcel was the only safest option. Even before the pandemic people took the help of courier services as it was a feasible and reliable way of delivering things. But it had many problems like late delivery, missing items, zero accountability and much more.
Customers also got used to the rapidly changing digital world and started using the on-demand services. INORU learned and analyzed the market trend and built the device solutions that can cater the customers’ problems quite easily. Join the bandwagon by becoming a premier on-demand courier service provider by providing your customers with smart apps available on both android, iOS and web platforms. INORU’S on-demand courier service app has seamless features that makes it so easy to use.
· Social media login
· Browse and select service
· Book now/schedule
· In-app call
· Multi payment integration
· Real-time tracking

INORU’s courier service delivery app has implemented the best technologies like react native, node JS, React JS, mongo DB, flutter and many other powerful source code and intuitive UI/UX. This tailored application has advanced technologies and has got global reach. With years of learning and experience we offer innovative and flawless applications for the startups, entrepreneurs and already existing courier service providers. So having no second thoughts you can contact us directly and launch your courier service app in no time. Join the hands with us and lead the herd with higher conversions!

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