Launch A Well Crafted Secure Payment App With Inoru’s Paypal Clone App!

  • Clone of: Paypal
  • Developer: James Anderson - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Today, we are completely reliant on online services, which allows customers to buy everything from the online marketplace. So, we are supposed to pay for it online. Although the payment that we make online through various gateways are said to be safe, it is feared about the security of your money. You can now develop a secure payment platform for your customers and also become successful in it. Inoru’s Paypal Clone is a popular payment gateway app that lets your customers make safe and secure payments built with a team of experts with tailor-made features. The outstanding features of the on-demand payment application app are given below.

Account Setup
Share Recipients
Multi-Factor Authentication
Send/Receive Money
Invoice Generation
QR Reader
Integrate Bank Account
Contact Sync
In-App Wallet
Split Bills
End To End Encryption
So, with these many features, you can also personalize the features according to your business requirements. How can you fill up your pockets with the Paypal Clone? The various monetization streams available are given below.

Credit Card Transaction Fee
Quick Money Transfer Fee
Merchant Fee
Hence you can earn more profits by purchasing the app like Paypal to enrich your business. Why are you waiting? Get your custom made Paypal Clone with outstanding features at affordable rates.

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