Launch a robust Gojek clone app to make it big in the on-demand services industry.

  • Clone of: GoJek
  • Developer: Inoru
  • Language:
  • License: Commercial

According to the latest report, “the market for On-demand mobile apps and websites will reach a significant value of $335 Billion by the year 2025”. The On-demand mobile app economy is prompting over 22.4 million users annually to spend around $57.6 billion to get real-time services, and they are happy making the payment.

Essential features in our Gojek clone app

Location-based search
Multiple payment options
In-app chat/call
In-app notifications

Exemplary benefits of our Gojek clone app

Our Gojek clone app offers a lot of benefits and advantages to your business. Some of the significant benefits include –

Increased brand awareness
Growing customer base
Increase your revenue streams
Boost visibility

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