Launch A Personalized Multi Delivery Application Dunzo Clone App!

  • Clone of: Dunzo
  • Developer: Dunzo Clone App Development - Inoru
  • Language: PHP
  • License: Commercial

Today, people feel more comfortable purchasing all the requirements online. So, they find the best online platforms to get their needs done with just one click without any hesitation. As the delivery services equally have been expanding, the people feel more comfortable in availing all of the services. When it comes to starting up a business that serves multiple purposes, the best choice is Inoru’s Dunzo Clone. The Dunzo Clone is a customizable online platform that helps customers to get their deliveries quickly. Business professionals who are interested in expanding their business can also purchase our seamless multi-delivery service application. You can stand tall in your business by choosing our reliable Dunzo Clone. Some of the exclusive features that aid a no-contact delivery in the pandemic period are as follows.

No Contact Delivery
Daily Temperature Check
No Cash On Delivery
Selfie Confirmation
Hotspot Locator
Apart from the essential features of the Dunzo Clone, the workflow of the multi-delivery service application determines the quickness of the service your customer will experience. The streamlined workflow steps of the Dunzo Clone are as follows.

User Login
Browsing Of Products To Be Purchased
Choosing A Store and Starting To Shop
Adding The Chosen Products To The Cart
Online Payment
Providing The Delivery Address
The Purchased Items Are Ready To Get Delivered By The Store
The Delivery Personnel Collects The Packed Items and Delivers them to the user’s location.
The User Confirmation after successful delivery.
With a seamless delivery flow, the customers will start choosing your robust Dunzo Clone. Get your custom tailored on-demand delivery application, Dunzo Clone from Inoru, available at a modest price in the industry.

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